Beauty Raves: My Current Skincare Obsessions

My Nana washed her face with soap and water her entire life—no need for fancy washes or products. While I tend to follow in her footsteps (a plain old bar of Dove is my only real must-have), these are three things I’ve added to my regimen due to their stand-out performance.

01/ Yes to Tomatoes wipes have given me noticeably clearer skin. While diet plays a huge part in my breakouts, these have let me (and a few slices of pizza) slide more often than not. I love the natural ingredients, SF heritage, and that they are easy to toss into my overnight bag when I’m off to the boyfriend’s.

02/ I’ve tried three or four BB creams since hearing about them, well, three or four times, earlier this year. I’ve been starting my daily makeup with this one from The Body Shop, since it’s lightweight, budget-friendly, and the perfect shade. Sometimes I’ll forgo foundation altogether and just use a powder over top, giving me a subtle dewey look for a night out.

03/ Glam Glow Super Mud was a recent splurge after finding it on Pinterest. It’s crazy to watch all the gunk it pulls from pores in real-time. While it is cost-prohibitive ($69 bucks a tub!), it’s nice for a night of pampering. Or Mommie Dearest re-enactments.